Bankhead Adventures

09 August 2007

Magic on the Beach

On July 21st, 2007, Amy had the silly idea of taking the whole family to the beach with a bunch of friends. James ate plenty of sand and showed off his new, slightly less girlie hat. Amy built some cool castles and enjoyed boogie boarding. While Paul may have been there physically, there is reasonable doubt that he even noticed we were at the beach. He was oblivious to the hour-long drive and hardly acknowledged our friends who met us there with boogie boards and a barbecue. The many jokes about his oblivion didn't penetrate his brain. The man is tenacious about his priorities, and nothing interrupted his devouring Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Last week, one of the friends who witnessed Paul's devotion to JK Rowling sent me these pictures to commemorate the day.



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