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04 July 2007

The All-Natural, All-Organic Water Park

Who needs Raging Waters or Hurricane Harbor when fabulous watery playgrounds exist in nature? Amy and Paul spent several days in Havasupai, climbing up rocks, splashing in rivers, sliding down waterfalls, swinging on rope swings, and jumping off cliffs into shimmery blue water below. Unfortunately this natural water park doesn't have a kiddie area and James didn't feel up to backpacking all his supplies down the Grand Canyon, so we left him with his grandparents for a few days while we basked in nature's glory and feasted on rehydrated backpacking food.


  • I'm so glad you had fun at Havasupai!! Aren't those the best falls to jump? Thats where all the scouts would take their trips to when I was growing up. Unfortunately, girls camp wasn't ever held in such beautiful water-happy locations....

    So is that a crack I see in the second picture?

    By Blogger Amy, at 2:39 PM  

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