Bankhead Adventures

25 August 2016

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Paul and some buddies climbed Mt Lassen and skied back down. Not quite up for that adventure, Amy and the kids explored the rest of the park during Paul's outing. Highlights include playing in what was left of the snow, scrambling through a place called "Chaos Jumbles," watching a snake fight a squirrel (really!), and convincing a tired Miles to keep hiking.

05 August 2016

Twelfth Anniversary

Amy and Paul have been married for 12 years. In the past we've celebrated with some epic wilderness backpacking in Yosemite or Kings Canyon or Mt Whitney. This year we commemorated the day by going to church and tag-teaming naps and childcare. Paul would probably say that's a sad reminder that we're old and boring. Amy might say it's a meaningful way to embrace the goodness that is our regular life. Either way, here's a picture from our wedding day.

26 July 2016

Sadie turned 8

 All sorts of good stuff happened when Sadie turned eight. She dreamt up a fancy pink cake with raspberries, we hosted two sets of grandparents for the weekend, and Grandma generously spent her visit using her mad sewing skills to turn Amy's wedding dress into a baptism dress.

23 April 2016

Every Sunday Afternoon

Every Sunday afternoon, the Bankheads walk/scooter/bike home from church as fast as we can, because church makes us hungry, which is just one letter away from hangry, and we don't want that, especially on the Sabbath. James usually arrives home first, where he starts measuring the flour and baking soda. Paul usually arrives next and begins separating the eggs. By the time the rest of us walk in the door, the waffle iron is beeping that the first waffles are ready. Few things make Paul happier than doling out chocolate chip waffles to a gaggle of kids on barstools.

28 March 2016

2016 March Madness

Every year we Bankheads fill out March Madness brackets to enter into the prestigious Glauser pool in hopes of winning the gorgeous plastic trophy that Grandpa purchased at a second-hand store. This year Miles clearly focused on teams whose logos feature large block letters. We're thrilled he's learned the alphabet and hope his strategy brings the trophy back to California.

14 March 2016

Google Ridiculousness

You never know what you might find when you wander around Google's campus. Like enormous adirondack chairs.

29 February 2016

Holidays 2015

The Bankheads did so much merry-making during the whole month of December that we're just now accepting that the Christmas season is over. We hosted California mini Christmas, complete with a gaggle of cookie-making cousins and a delicious spread of Mexican food. Found out our house can sleep 14 people, as long as many of those people are quite small. We hosted weeks of Christmas choir rehearsals, where the highlight was Paul making the rounds with a vat of cookie dough and spoons for the singers (really primes the vocal cords). Then we made our annual pilgrimage to Utah, where dozens of attempts at a good photo of the Christmas jammies resulted in nothing but mediocre pictures that in no way communicate the joy of the holiday.

05 January 2016

Nutritious Walking at Mt Tamalpais State Park

On the way to our most recent camping trip, Amy read an article to the children about getting the most out of walking. They spent the next three days being super hikers. Paul rolls his eyes at Amy's biomechanics brainwashing, but he reaps the benefits when the kids rock the trails, especially our annual favorite hike to Stinson Beach.
We stopped on the way for some super duper burgers.

We forgot the kid-carrier, so Miles got the shoulder perch.

The kids named all the big rocks. This one was Zeus.

Can you see Amos atop this huge rock?

Brand new signs for our favorite hike (plus Sadie's mysterious allergic reaction).

Destination Stinson Beach