Bankhead Adventures

21 May 2020

COVID-19 Chronicles Part 6 (Chalk Circus)

Our elementary school community put together a map of houses that had cool sidewalk chalk. This was our contribution.
Animals and a juggling clown
Balloons at the entrance

Hot air balloon, Ferris wheel, calliope, ice cream stand

A lion, our school's mascot

18 April 2020

COVID-19 Chronicles Part 5 (Outside the House)

Although many people are having a rough time being stuck inside, we're lucky enough to spend a lot of our quarantine time outside in our yard and around the neighborhood.
The children enjoy putting their father in a wagon and going for a stroll.

We purchased a ping pong table to help with Paul's brain therapy.
Sadie's teacher lives around the corner and has created a library on her front porch, so Sadie has figured out how to attach large stacks of books to her bike rack.
Sadie manages her fairy garden.

12 April 2020

COVID-19 Chronicles Part 4 (Around the house)

Some snapshots of daily life:
James wears his snuggie more often than not

Miles gets creative in his wardrobe

Amos harvests lemons from the yard and makes lemonade

Sadie sorts all the pennies by year

11 April 2020

COVID-19 Chronicles Part 3 (Birthdays)

We've now celebrated two birthdays in lockdown. For Sadie's birthday, grandma designed a sign on our front gate directing passersby to sing Happy Birthday. While Sadie did her school work on the front porch, dozens of neighbors and friends stopped to wish her well. A few neighbors we've never met even brought gifts. That was followed by a lemon-raspberry cake and Jackbox games over video chat with friends across the Bay Area and across the country.

James, who requested to NOT have strangers publicly sing to him, commemorated his birthday with a chocolate chocolate chip cake and a surprisingly cool laser pointer.

10 April 2020

COVID-19 Chronicles Part 2 (Hiking)

No reader of this blog will be surprised that Amy decided to replace all those canceled activities with hiking. The children did not necessarily agree, but James asserted his independence by getting his own Geocaching account (instead of just using the family account) and logged over two dozen caches with us in the first two weeks.

09 April 2020

COVID-19 Chronicles Part 1 (Art)

When the county ordered all residents to "shelter-in-place," we deleted from the calendar Cub Scouts, church meetings, dance lessons, theater rehearsals, robotics team meetings, yoga classes, work shifts, baseball practice, soccer practice, birthday parties, and travel plans. We've replaced some of those activities with family art projects. The kids created Markerland, and Amy sketched our house for our church program.

06 April 2020

Another performance bites the dust

Sadie and James spent months rehearsing for a musical review and variety show featuring all the teenagers in our church. Sadly, just like the school play, the public performances of this event were canceled by COVID-19 precautions, but the webstreaming version was a consolation prize. Sadie sang and danced to "Never Tell a Lie" and James performed in two numbers: drumming for a Polynesian dance and levitating in a magic show.

05 April 2020


Sadie and Amos spent 2 months rehearsing for the school musical, Seussical, but their public performances were canceled by the county's attempts to stop the spread of COVID-19. Despite not getting the full glory, they still had a valuable experience. Sadie was in her element as The Cat in the Hat, and Amos was an adorable Who.