Bankhead Adventures

08 December 2019

Birthday Hike

Amy celebrated her birthday by going on a long hike that she's always wanted to do. Amos was the only Bankhead child who accepted the invitation to trek for 9ish miles. (Actually, Miles wanted to come too, but Amy reminded him that when we hike together, he often lays down in the middle of the trail, refusing to move, for long stretches of time, to which he replied, "I don't do that anymore. Now I just sit on the trail instead of laying down." Progress, but still not invited.) We enjoyed perfect weather and happy conversation, and nothing makes Amy happier than moving through nature with a cheerfully engaged kid. This may become a birthday tradition.

04 December 2019

Amsterdam 2019

Paul got to take a business trip to Amsterdam for an official Google event called "Playtime," so Amy decided to come along for her own playtime. Amsterdam is perfect for a quick European getaway: easily accessible on foot, excellent museums, fascinating history, cool architecture, water everywhere. Amy so enjoys wandering around quaint old streets and finding thought-provoking treasures, that she hardly remembered to take any photos.

Every street looks like this.

View from our hotel.

A canal next to the botanical garden.

02 December 2019

Halloween 2019

This year the parents split up, one to trick-or-treat with older kids and the other with younger kids. The parent in charge of the older children did not take any photos. So although we also crafted costumes for the Statue of Liberty and a guy holding his own head, we only have photos of a book worm and the Flash. And one of the fantastic candy sorting and trading that went on well into November.

18 September 2019

New School Year 2019

Here is a photo of the Bankhead children on their way out the door on the first day of school. A few notes about this year: It's our second year of all the kids being in full-time school. It's Sadie's last year of elementary school and James's last year of middle school. And it's Amos's 4th new school in 4 years. He's a champ and thinks that's a badge of honor.

21 August 2019

Backpacking in the Uintas 2019

While the younger Bankheads were having a ball at Grand Camp, Amy and Paul executed their biannual backpacking trip (aka wilderness marriage therapy). Since last time was beautifully brutal, we purposely made this trip a bit more relaxing by alternating big days (15 miles) and easy days (8 miles) and doing a whole lot less up and down overall.

Although Amy and Paul both grew up in Utah, neither of us had spent any significant time in the Uintas, so the whole area was new to us. After doing most of our backpacking in California, this particular route felt especially remote. In the Sierras, we see at least one hiker every hour or two, but in the Uintas we went a whole day without seeing anyone at all, enjoying the glorious meadows and pristine lakes all by ourselves. There's something primal and freeing about trekking through the wild with everything we need on our backs.
Cool to see rivers creating canyons

Paul is in this photo, for scale

First camp site

In lots of places the "trail" was really just a river

When there was no discernible trail, we followed cairns like this

The children did not miss us

04 August 2019

Everyday Fun Stuff

Enjoy a sampling of fun moments from the Bankhead crew:
Both Amos and Miles thought this was a perfectly normal set-up.

After besting his Scout troop, James challenged Paul to a wall-sitting contest.

Amos collected all these flower specimens from our yard.

Sadie played the Marquis de Lafayette for an American Revolution thing at school.

02 August 2019

Oakland Temple Tour

After a long closure for renovations, the Oakland Temple had an open house before reopening. Lucky for us, Amy's sister-in-law was part of the painting crew, so she got us into the contractors' tour. So nice to have a happy group of Glausers together for the occasion. 

31 July 2019

Fifteen years of marriage

Not only is today Harry Potter's birthday, it's also the day Amy and Paul celebrate their wedding anniversary. So here is a random trinity of photos from the last 15 years.