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30 April 2007

Nearly Blown Away

With our cool group of moms and babies who hike together twice a week, Amy and James took a day trip to the coast near Santa Cruz. The beach and the wildflowers were astounding, as was the wind. Amy, who had a backpack full of James, became slightly unsteady against the gusty gales, but James didn't mind at all that his hood blew off his head and kept whipping him in the face. He giggled through the whole trek. And although Paul wasn't there, he was especially pleased that Amy used our State Parks Pass on this excursion, bringing us $6 closer to making the pass worth its hefty pricetag.


  • Wow, look at how blonde that hair is getting! And he's definitely got Paul's red nose or is it Amy's cold nose?! But, ohhhh, we're going crazy here for lack of physical contact! June can't get here fast enough for me! I know - too many exclamation points!!!!!!!!


    Mama G

    By Blogger Lauri, at 11:54 PM  

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