Bankhead Adventures

08 March 2007


As of late James has been spending quite a bit of time with the girl down the street. Unfortunately, she mostly ignores him, preferring her blackberry. Her attitude might have something to do with the fact that James's main tactic for interacting with her is to wrestle her to the ground. Apparently James can't quite distinguish the finer points between dads, vacuums, and girls. You can't blame the kid. If the first two respond so well to being tackled, why not the third?



  • Aunt Heidi suggests that James wait a few years before trying to figure out the opposite sex. Enjoy childhood while it lasts! What a wise auntie! Grandma says wait a few weeks until she gets there and then James can tackle her! WE LOVE YOU!

    By Blogger Lauri, at 1:22 PM  

  • I love James' smile! What a gorgeous kid.

    By Blogger Catherine, at 10:07 AM  

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