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03 April 2007

James is Number One

April 2 marks James's first birthday. The whole family would like to congratulate themselves on making it this far. We celebrated on the back patio with balloons and whole wheat muffins. "Whole wheat muffins?" you ask. At least they were topped with some bright green and deliciously homemade cream cheese frosting. James put away three before the night was over, licking every last crumb out of the wrappers.



  • So I'm not the only health crazed mom! Penny had a block of tofu with pink icing for her first birthday "cake." She was going through a tofu-love phase and was tickled at the idea. All the guests thought we were sickos.

    By Blogger Sarah, at 6:19 PM  

  • I love the pic of James digging out the rest of the muffin/cupcake by smashing the wrapper against his face! Classic!

    By Blogger Amy, at 7:04 PM  

  • So cute, Amy!!!
    Happy Birthday James--wish we could be there to celebrate. We would have loved to try some of the whole wheat madness!!

    By Blogger Jen, at 8:37 PM  

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