Bankhead Adventures

28 April 2007


Last week while attempting to cut a squash for Sunday dinner, Amy chopped her thumb instead. Determined not to let this mishap ruin the day, Paul squashlessly entertained our dinner guests while Amy received three stitches and a tetanus shot. She made it home in time for dessert, sporting an impressive bandage that garnered much more sympathy than the wound actually merited. On Tuesday the bandage came off, revealing three tiny stitches and leaving a scar that, according to Amy's vegetable-despising dad, "serves her right for eating squash."


  • Amy, your blogs are so clever. I hope any future entries dont' get squashed after this latest episode in the Bankhead adventures. Holy cow! Now I feel bad Jon called Paul and talked to him forever last Sunday so it took him away from you and James in your dire moment of need.

    By Blogger Amy, at 1:31 PM  

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