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02 September 2014

Working in Kings Canyon

Because his office was being rearranged, Paul was instructed to "work from home" one Friday. Fortunately that coincided with the weekend some fabulous Texas friends of ours were camping in Kings Canyon. So Paul "worked" from Kings Canyon instead. The combination of our charming friends and the majestic location created a magical experience for everyone. We saw several bears, scurried all over the big rocks of a dried-up waterfall, swam in Hume Lake, played cat's cradle on a cliff, sang innumerable rounds of Big Booty around the campfire, and remembered to get some photos of the whole family.


  • How does one work in Kings Canyon? You really did get some great photos. I hope we can go camping some time soon as well.

    By Blogger Michelle Glauser, at 9:45 PM  

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