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06 November 2009

China 2009: The Business Part

The major purpose of our trip to China was to fulfill Paul's global experience requirement for his MBA. We spent most of our time meeting with business people, which was great but doesn't make for many bloggable photos. Turns out that China is kind of a big deal in the business world. We met with all sorts of business superstars from big companies: the Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs China, the Chairman of Lenovo, a director at Baidu, the CEO of GM China. We also met with various government people: the Chairman and CEO of CNOOC (China's Oil Company) and the Director of Financial Planning at the NDRC. Although the board rooms all looked alike, the meetings were mostly fascinating and eye-opening, even for Amy, who got to dust off her business suit after 3 1/2 years in retirement.


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