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31 October 2009

China 2009: Shanghai

Shanghai is a great example of how quickly things are growing in China and how the new things are juxtaposed with the old. We marveled at the amazing contemporary architecture and the brand-new skyscrapers, and then walked along the Bund, where it still feels like the 1920s. We were so full of wonderment in Shanghai that we remembered to take pictures only as we left on the high speed mag-lev train, going 431 km/h.


  • Did you see anything outside the window? How much did it cost? Did it feel like flying?

    By Blogger Michemily, at 5:18 AM  

  • Hey my step-bro and his family live in Shanghai. I wish I knew you were going there too---he could have hooked you up with some sweet deals and insider know-how for checking stuff out! (but I'm sure you were absolutely happy with your trip as it was!)

    By Blogger Amy, at 9:37 AM  

  • love the picture. and i HATE it when i go somewhere or do something great and forget to take pictures!!

    By Blogger jamie, at 12:45 AM  

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