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26 August 2007

Pajamaed Piano Players

Since learning Chopin's Revolutionary Etude, James and Paul continue to spend some time together at the piano every day, often in their pjs and always with Beethoven lovingly overlooking their progress.



  • Ah! This blog explains why James tried to run down the aisle of the chapel today...he was trying to reach the organ/piano to show the congregation his tricks!

    By Blogger Amy, at 9:59 PM  

  • Wow! You have Beethoven in your house! How very sophisticated!

    By Blogger Amy, at 5:24 AM  

  • Are those the infamous Battleship pj's of Paul's. And if I'm not mistaken I think James' pj's look familiar. I love those pj's that snap at the waist.

    By Blogger Byron and Heather, at 3:25 PM  

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