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02 January 2007

Tiny Traveler

James's flight home from Christmas vacation marks his 16th-or-so flight. As he gets older, however, it gets trickier to keep him entertained in small spaces for long periods of time. James's increasing wiggliness and noisiness combined with Amy's expired SWA Companion Pass (no more free flights) may mean that family plane trips will decrease significantly.

Amy snapped this picture at the Salt Lake airport, where Paul introduced James to his love of all things airtravel-related. Standing on the windowsill, James spent at least 3 attention spans staring at the luggage carts and the fuel trucks and people in bright vests and the airplanes coming and going.



  • Why do we have to deal with Genetics. James will forever be doomed to be as insatiably curious and strange as his father. Does he eat celery? Bread?

    By Blogger Johnny, at 2:46 PM  

  • That was the highlight of the whole trip? Staring at James staring out the window? ;( boohoo! Nah, it was so great having you three home, I didn't want it to ever end. Thanks for skiing, snowshoeing, and putting up with my working all day Saturday. I love you.

    By Blogger Mishky Doodle, at 8:13 PM  

  • So glad to have the pictures so quickly; I'm still trying to get 'stuff' put away. Doesn't Paul get to continue to use SWA so you can get another comp pass? I actually won't have one anymore either, as it turns out. James is way cute and will soon need lots more kisses and attention, which I will gladly provide. Alternately, you could join up with the FC--Frequent Commute--between Chicago and San Antonio to keep James current with those cousins. Kara and John have a very FC between St. G. and Provo you might like to try. James DOES have his climbing gear in the diaper bag, I trust. Or you could start your own FC between CA and UT including routes between Provo and SLC and mini routes connecting the Glauser,Bankhead, Bankhead, Quist blocks. Lots of cousining possibilities. Keep coming!! KJB

    By Blogger kathrynjbankhead, at 6:09 AM  

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