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16 January 2007

Thank You, John Muir

Although both these pictures look like many of the pictures we've taken over the last several months in various locations, the awesome thing about this first shot of Amy and Paul and James in Muir Woods is that over the last mountain is a large body of water known as the Pacific Ocean. Admittedly, it's hard to distinguish the washed-out blue ocean from the washed-out white sky, but for us it seems a miraculous and surprising novelty to hike up a big mountain for scenic vistas of the ocean. Plus, we got to appreciate the preservation efforts of John Muir. (For all you coin collectors, he's the guy on the California quarter.) The second picture earns blog status merely for the fact that James honestly seems to be enjoying himself, rather than sleeping or looking surprised.



  • I think it is grand that you guys get out and party in the wilderness. It makes me happy. And it thrills me to see the young lad in his down suit! Three cheers for Paul and Amy!

    By Blogger Johnny, at 7:56 AM  

  • Byron and I went to Muir Woods when we were out seeing the black crowes back in 2005. I think its a fabulous place. Good work guys!

    By Blogger Jace, at 4:36 PM  

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