Bankhead Adventures

04 December 2006

The holiday season begins

Once again, Google has outdone themselves. This year's holiday party was a bizarre festival of wild opulence. All of Pier 48 in San Francisco magically transformed to become eight different theme parties that ranged from underwater adventures with sushi and live mermaids to an LA ghetto with dancers with light-up rollerskates to a Dionysus room with Greek dancing and grape-stompers and guys in togas who hand-fed the guests chocolate mousse. Amy and Paul found themselves dumbfoundedly wandering from room to room, taking in the posh food and the crazy entertainment. Think Cirque du Soleil meets Garden of Earthly Delights. Our friend Michael best described it, "This must be what being on acid is like." We spent the most time in Marie Antoinette's court, where we played croquet and tried on ridiculous wigs. Posted by Picasa



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