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03 April 2015

March Madness Picks 2015

Some hot tips from the Bankhead children about how to choose basketball winners, all found in this year's video:

  • Pick teams where your teacher used to teach.
  • Choose Wichita over India.
  • Choose George Weasley Town.
  • Pick teams where Sica used to work.
  • Pick teams where some people were yesterday.
  • Choose teams that have funny names.


  • I think Sadie yelling at Amos at 1:41 could go down in history like my mean glare at you while I was reciting "I Cannot Go To School Today."

    Amos's answers were so cute. I love that he didn't know what a badger was, but he knew of honey badgers.

    By Blogger Michelle Glauser, at 10:32 PM  

  • If you posted Amos on youtube it would go viral. It's adorable, but also a fantastic commentary on college mascots :).

    Love seeing your cute family!

    By Blogger Nations, at 8:57 PM  

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