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05 January 2008

The Big Chance

A few days after Christmas, Grandpa generously offered to let James drive his digger. True to form, Paul may have been more excited about it than James. In fact, after all the fuss about diggers James has made, he had a surprisingly short tolerance for actually being in the digger. Maybe it was the 17 degree weather, but James preferred watching from the heated car rather than actually driving. He talked about the experience for days afterward, however, so it must have made an impression.



  • James is so awesome. Today Andrew tried to steal a toy from him and James said "NO, Thomas!" and of course I said "James, that is Andrew, not Thomas" but James must have been traumatized by Thomas at some point because he insisted for several minutes that it was indeed Thomas who had affronted him, despite Thomas not being in nursery today.

    By Blogger Amy, at 8:12 PM  

  • This is what I thought of:

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