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21 June 2007

Top Gun

James was in such hot demand during our family vacation that Amy and Paul spent quite a bit of time childless. What do parents do when they have a few hours without children? They visit historical military sites, of course. Knowing that James isn't into that kind of thing, Amy and Paul toured the USS Midway while James went to the San Diego Zoo. We are now much smarter. Our previous experience with aircraft carriers consisted of seeing the movie Top Gun. Thanks to the Midway's 60-stop audio tour, we now know all about what really happens on an aircraft carrier. (Except for the first 12 and the last 10 audio stops, which we skipped--37 out of 60 is still passing, especially for engineers.) Still, that didn't stop us from singing Kenny Loggins' Danger Zone on the flight deck. You know you want to sing along. Highway to the danger zone . . . Gonna take you right into the danger zone.


  • So my uncle was the navigator for the USS Midway during the Persian Gulf War. Adam and I went to see the baby when we were in San Diego last year. Although I could not sign all the words to Danger Zone like y'all have demonstrated.

    By Blogger TX Girl, at 3:08 PM  

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