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09 July 2015

Switzerland 2015

Paul travels to Zurich several times a year for work. Thanks to the magnanimity of Amy's mom, who came to run the Bankhead show, Amy got to tag along on his most recent trip. Switzerland lives up to its reputation: clean, orderly, green, mountainy, lovely, expensive.

While Paul went to work every day, Amy hiked mountains, rode trains, toured art and history museums (the Inspiration Japan exhibit at the Kunsthaus was the most expertly curated thing I've ever seen), and visited really old churches. In the evenings we took advantage of the 10-step Roman Baths in the basement of our fancy hotel and ended in the rooftop hot-tub overlooking the city.

On the one day Paul wasn't working, we decided to hike in the Alps, of course. Our adventure started out rainy but pleasant, and we admired quaint churches and the tidy wood piles. We even enjoyed strolling alongside some Swiss cows. Then it snowed a bunch and we got cold, so we hopped on a passing gondola for the rest of the trip.

Many blessings on Amy's mom for providing childcare, cheers to Google for inspiring the trip and for paying Paul's half, and hooray for Switzerland for being Amy's ancestral homeland.


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