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30 March 2008

Taking a Tip from Mary Poppins

In honor of James's upcoming birthday and because we didn't want to sit around the house wishing Kid Number Two would arrive, Amy and Paul and James spent Saturday at the beach. To make the day extra special, James got to open his birthday present (a Tonka front-end loader) and bring it (and his Tonka dump truck) to the beach (AKA the never-ending sandbox). Thanks to the chilly, windy, cloudy weather, we were the only people there. Fortunately, our main goals for the day were kite-flying and sand excavation, neither of which requires warmth or sun. Both James and Paul were enchanted for many hours. Anyone care to guess who had more fun between the two?


  • i wish we had large bodies of water around us. I was daydreaming that there was water in our neighborhood the other day while we were taking a walk. I'm so glad you get to enjoy it. We have to use sand boxes and swimming pools to help us feel like we're at the beach.
    Happy Birthday James!

    By Blogger Aaron & Christine Lee Family, at 7:48 AM  

  • Hey guys - can't wait to meet the new Bankhead! I've had to switch computers while mine's sick. Amy, will you write me an email so I'll have your address? We miss ya'll!

    By Blogger Lindsey, at 7:19 PM  

  • What a fun day. Especially for Paul and James since they got some quality male-bonding time before losing their majority gender in the Bankhead Household. You guys are the typical American family now!!

    By Blogger Amy, at 9:51 PM  

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