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10 October 2006

We like mountains

Since James did so well on our last camping trip, Amy and Paul decided to take his outdoor training one step further by backpacking to a campsite rather than car camping. Unfortunately, California State Parks have a rule that there is no trail hiking past sunset, and since we were a little behind schedule, the ranger made us "hike" to our campsite on the highway and service road instead of through the mountains. Also unfortunately, it's still too dry for campfires, so after heating our dinner on our camp stove, we sat around in the cold dirt and looked at each other by the light of our headlamps. Not quite as picturesque or warm as sitting around a roaring fire, so we went to bed early.

The trek back out of the park the next morning was filled with scenic vistas of the Sierras, and despite the fact that the width of Paul's pack made crossing bridges difficult, we'll consider this trip a success.



  • You are brave, brave people. I applaud you all. Camping with an that's amazing.

    By Blogger christie, at 11:04 PM  

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