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08 October 2006

Highlight of the Zoo

James and Amy made the 40-mile trip to the San Francisco Zoo. Turns out that James's favorite part of the experience wasn't the monkeys that were screeching and dancing or the hippo that opened his huge mouth right in front of us and bellowed or even the lion, who was fed a bloody mess of food while we watched. No, James's favorite part of the zoo was the swings, which we can find in any one of 6 or 8 parks within 3 miles of our house. Kind of like how he also likes to play with measuring spoons more than he likes his teddy bears. Or how we plan to give him empty boxes for Christmas because that's what kids seem to like best about presents. The good news about James's non-enthrallment with zoo animals, however, was that we went on Free Admission day, so other than the gas money, no harm done. Plus, Amy finds watching zoo animals a bit more interesting than watching other moms at the park (although there are more similarities than one might think). Posted by Picasa



  • teeheehee and what similarites between animals and moms at the park might those be?

    By Anonymous Seeka, at 9:40 PM  

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