Bankhead Adventures

18 October 2006

Sunday Afternoon Wrestlemania

After church on Sunday, Paul and James decided to have a wrestling match. Although Paul started out on top, James pulled out his signature eye-clawing trick, which quickly led to a reversal, and then he began a brutal nose-twist. The match ended in a tie, however, because although James's guilty facial expressions revealed that he knew his moves were illegal, the judges had to take into account the huge weight discrepancy between the two contenders.



  • Grandpa Glauser wants to clue James in on a move that his mother frequently used in her wrestling matches when she was James' age. It's a move that either James hasn't yet discovered or he forgot in the excitement of competition, but that would have insured total and complete victory over Paul. So next time, James, remember to use the diaper-in-the-face plant and you will know the glory of defeating your daddy!

    Enjoyed the whole entry!

    Much love, Grandma G

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:12 AM  

  • Tell jamesy that I miss him...sniffle sniffle. I can't wait for Christmas...

    By Anonymous uncle mike, at 7:22 PM  

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