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31 October 2006

Shiver me timbers

On Halloween, Google hosted Booooogle, a huge extravaganza for employees and their families. The theme this year was a pirate one, which was convenient because James has planned to be a pirate ever since he learned about Halloween. He really went all out for the occasion, busting out his tough black boots, getting his first tattoo (it says "MOM") and wearing his first earing. Then, thanks to Google, James got to secure the rigging on a real pirate ship, open Davy Jones' locker, and sail through Dead Man's Cove. He also ate a large mouthful of sand while digging for buried treasure in the sand box provided for all the kids. The only negative aspect of James's first fabulous Halloween is that Amy and Paul aren't sure they can make next year's Halloween meet this bar that has been set. How are we supposed to top Davy Jones's locker? Our only hope for meeting these outrageous expectations is that Paul continue to work for Google for many Halloweens to come. Otherwise, we'll be relying on the Halloween party at church, which, while fun, doesn't have nearly the budget.

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  • Amy, so cute! I can't believe how big James is already! So jealous of your "Boogle party"- sounds like it was a blast!

    By Blogger christie, at 11:12 AM  

  • Wow! James looks awesome! I love your photos and writing Amy! Many more great parties to come for you folks... everytime I open google I think of you.

    By Blogger Catherine, at 6:04 PM  

  • Hey Amy and Paul! Great to see pictures of you and your cutest son who has gotten so big!

    By Blogger cathy, at 8:08 PM  

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