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08 September 2006


Paul and Amy had their first experience with parenting advice from strangers on Tuesday. And let me tell you, this woman was definitely stranger than most. We were walking to the grocery store with James, who was happily sucking a pacifier in his stroller. When we stopped at the intersection to wait for the light to change, an old woman with wild gray hair stood next to us. She suddenly muttered, "Get that d*** thing out of that child's mouth!"

"Excuse me?" said Paul, who had not understood her mumbling the first time. Her anger rising, she yelled, "That child doesn't need to have that d*** thing in his mouth."

Being uncharacteristically polite, Paul said, "Thank you for the advice" and proceeded across the intersection, since the light had changed. But she followed us, lecturing, "Ask your pediatrician! Those d*** things are ridiculous!" Luckily we outran her, but all the way home, Paul kept thinking about obnoxious things he could have said. Here was my favorite:

Actually the American Academy of Pediatrics says that pacifiers may protect
against SIDS and do not cause any medical or psychological problems. On the
other hand the American Academy of Geriatrics suggests that pacifiers can be
used to stop up the mouths of meddling old ladies.

FYI: This pic is James being held by Aunt Sica, on his blessing day. Posted by Picasa



  • How I love advice from strangers. You should have seen people judging us when we went to Chicago and could not (seriously, NOT) get Maren to wear anything more than a sweater and a hat. It was cold, but she refused to wear a jacket or coat. I wasn't too worried, since I know she is a little human heater, but oh how the people looked at me like I was the worst parent ever.

    By Blogger hammy, at 7:44 PM  

  • Hey, My name is Adam Vandermyde, I am a mission buddy of Paul. Will you please send me Paul's email and phone number? I would love to talk to him about a few things.

    My info:
    Adam Vandermyde

    By Anonymous Adam Vandermyde, at 8:13 PM  

  • Nice blog paul/amy! its very entertaining to read, and the boy is turning out well! Where do I get on e of those sleeping bags?

    By Blogger Jace, at 6:51 AM  

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