Bankhead Adventures

17 April 2018

New Fun at the Swamp

Our family waterskiing place, fondly known as The Swamp, has provided countless hours of fun: tubing, skiing, nature-exploring, and more recently, digger-renting and digger-operating. When Paul saw the plumber's bid for digging a trench for a new water main at our boat house, he decided to take on the project himself and relive his construction-site childhood. The actual trench-digging was a fairly quick job, but Paul spent the entire rest of the day helping delighted children drive the digger.

Paul's ability to drive a digger at all is cause for celebration. While waterskiing on Thanksgiving Day, Paul suffered a severe wreck that earned him three months of cognitive impairment, doctor appointments, medication, the inability to tolerate light or sound, and, thankfully, a generous disability check. He's still doing various therapies to eliminate some lingering symptoms, but he's mostly back to pre-injury life, going to work and digging trenches at The Swamp.


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