Bankhead Adventures

30 September 2016

Journey across the Golden Gate Bridge

Amy's been working with a non-profit called Stroller Hikes for nearly a decade now, and summer hikes are especially fun because the school-age kids get to join us on our adventures. Unfortunately, James doesn't see it that way. He's so over hiking with moms and toddlers. Probably doesn't help that the organization has the word "stroller" in it. To encourage his participation this summer, Amy let James choose all our hiking locations, and James set some high expectations. Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge was at the top of his list, so off we went with a dozen kids. Only a few minor incidents along the way: James experienced anxiety-inducing vertigo in the middle of the bridge that we remedied with a photography assignment distraction (hence the gorgeous bridge pictures), and we lost Amos for about 5 minutes at the visitors center. All's well that ends well, and any outing that leaves the children exhausted is a success.


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