Bankhead Adventures

26 September 2013

Little Mountain Goats

Some take-aways from our latest Tahoe trip:

  • Sometimes houses listed on VRBO don't actually exist, and sometimes you might discover that fact on the first day of your vacation. This situation will cause Paul to spend several sleepless nights plotting increasingly damaging revenge schemes.
  • Because Paul lives in constant fear of starvation, putting him in charge of purchasing food will result in an overwhelming amount of excess, even for 26 people over 5 days. 
  • A minivan can accommodate a family of six, plus all their gear, all their bikes, a full-size keyboard, and a week's worth of groceries.
  • Amy's seven years of involvement with Stroller Hikes has created three little mountain goats who can independently rock a short but technical trail in the Sierra Nevada.
  • Paul's seven years of biking to work adequately prepared him for biking the 72 miles around Lake Tahoe.
  • When you have 26 people staying in one house, showers, bathtubs, and closets are perfectly acceptable places for newborns and toddlers to sleep.


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