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31 July 2017

Anniversary Backpacking Trip 2017

Amy and Paul celebrated 13 years of marriage with a backpacking trip through Sequoia National Park, our most challenging adventure yet. Thanks to the wet winter, we enjoyed dozens of waterfalls, river-crossings, and snow-stomping. The wildflowers were outrageous and the alpine lakes pristinely inviting and our marriage all the better. 

Paul gets big kicks out of tracking our trip data with his cool watch, so here are the details he has spent hours analyzing: 

Day 1: 5000 up, 5500 down, 16 miles

Day 2: 6500 up, 3600 down, 9 miles
Day 3: 4600 up, 4400 down, 11 miles
Day 4: 1600 up, 4300 down, 11 miles
Total: 17,700 up, 17,700 down, 47 miles

Amy gets big kicks out of disappearing into the wilderness and tromping through the glories of nature, so here are the photos:

Some previous backpacking anniversaries:

Mount Whitney in 2015
Yosemite in 2012
Kings Canyon in 2010


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